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June and July of 2007 I took a 5 1/2 week trip to Europe. First stop was to Denmark to visit a long time friend Sabine, then a tour of Ireland. I loved Ireland and the Irish people. The country was beautiful and the people were friendly and kind.

I even saw a Leprechaun's Castle

After spending a wonderful time in Ireland, I had a few days to explore Paris. The city was amazing, so many old buildings. The food was OK, but I think I make better crepes than I had in Paris.

Then I was off on a WWII tour of Europe, which included France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany. The tour guide was a character, deep German voice and very knowledgeable about the sites we visited.

The links are quick video tours of my trip. When you click on each of them, it could take a couple-few minutes (depending on your internet speed) to begin the download of the Windows Media Player files.

The clip runs about 5-10 minutes.

Denmark & Sweden (8:48)

Ireland - Part 1 (6.54)

Ireland - Part 2 (9:39)

Paris (6:21)

WWII Tour Part 1 (7:48)

WWII Tour Part 2 (5:39)


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